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Remembering Sadie
12/28/2000 - 03/08/2011


Sadie was my first Cavalier and my first dog.  I raised Sadie since she was about eight weeks old.  She was never in the show ring.  Her job was to bring a little life to a very quiet house.  On March 8, 2011, she passed away at 10 years of age.  She had so much spirit, but her little heart could not keep going any longer.  Sadie was a wonderful companion and had a very sweet disposition.  She was my constant companion, and went everywhere I went.  She became part of the family, and was welcome at relatives’ homes for family and holiday functions. Sadie was spoiled and was use to getting whatever she wanted.  If she wanted to sit in a particular spot, it was I who moved and let her have her seat.  She did not think of herself as a dog.  She thought she was human.  sadie_puppy_smallI could never get her to interact with any of my other Cavaliers, nor did she show any interest in the puppies.  Her only interest was tagging along with me.  On occasions when I had to leave town, I would sometimes leave her with my mother.  Sadie would sit by the door whinnying for me to come back, and would not eat until my mother bribed her with human food, usually boiled chicken and noodles.  Sadie will be missed, but never forgotten.  Although I have other Cavaliers, there is no replacement for my Sadie.