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     My first introduction to a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was by way of a television commercial that was running during the Christmas season in 1999.  This commercial had three darling little puppies in a Christmas stocking, with their heads peaking out of the stocking.  This commercial began my search to find out what breed these puppies were, and how I could get one of these beautiful little puppies.

     My journey to find out about these puppies went from the internet, to the local bookstore, and finally to a local veterinarian.  This veterinarian put me in contact with the local Cavalier club, Cavaliers of Puget Sound.  Through this referral, I met reputable breeders, and acquired my first Cavalier, Sadie, in 2001.  Sadie was and still is the “queen” of the house.  She is my “baby.”  Sadie was never shown.   She chooses not to interact with any dogs, and behaves, and is treated more like a child than a canine.

     Soon after acquiring Sadie, I joined the local Cavalier Club, and spent the next several years learning everything I could about this breed.  In early 2006, I acquired my second Cavalier, Sasha, and six weeks later I brought Nadia home.


Nadia and Sasha, Winter of 2009
photo courtesy of Bruce Sanford

     I attend educational and training seminars on matters pertinent to this breed including: medical and health seminars, reproductive and breeding seminars, conformation dog training and handling workshops.  Of course, the greatest Cavalier resources come from the vast network of experienced Cavalier owners and breeders that we have here locally in the Pacific Northwest.  This “Cavalier Network” has taught and guided me through my ongoing quest to learn all that I can about this breed.

     On a personal note, I live in Gig Harbor, Washington, on of an acre.  My house is surrounded by trees, huckleberry bushes, natural vegetation, and wetlands.  There is plenty of room for my Cavaliers to run.  They especially like chasing the birds and squirrels that are on the property.

     I am a lawyer by trade.  I am still actively practicing law.  I am also an avid knitter.  In 2002, I took my love of knitting to another level, and opened a yarn shop, Vintage Knits Wool ShoppeMy biggest challenge right now is keeping Sasha and Nadia out of my yarn!  I welcome your comments, questions, and feeback.  Feel free to contact me anytime.  Thanks for visiting Vintage Cavaliers.    

Gig Harbor

Approximately one hour from Seattle, Gig Harbor is a tucked away fishing village that sits on a scenic inlet framing a postcard perfect view of Mount Rainier.